Vicky Arias Assignment 2

I also liked this other version 🙂pencil? finger?

pencil-finger! 🙂

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  1. wow. really an amazing job with blending the pencil with the finger. The idea alfredo suggested would be interesting. but the picture alone is interesting enough.

  2. This is a great photoshop picture! You did really well at making them blend together. I think I like the second photo, the sketch type. It really under emphasizes the hand and the eye catches the flow of the finger to the pen better. Great job.

  3. Really good job. The shiny part on the finger just below the pencil is kind of intriguing. It makes you think – does it belong to some sort of prosthetic device or is this just photoshopped? And yes, I really like the black and white version a lot. Cool work.

  4. This is really cool, I like your pencil-finger. You did a great job blending the pencil with your finger. The transition from the pencil to the finger is perfect. Great job. Soy tu fan!

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