Vicky Arias Assignment 3

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  1. I love the curves and the picture. I think the bottom left text is more successful than the other text because it’s light (like the majority of the photo) and placed against dark. Maybe make the black a little transparent to tie in with the gray tones

  2. great simple geometry and texture, a few things to note is maybe move the first name of the architects up a little bit and also putting a little more white into the text on the bottom left because most of the text in the poster is pointing towards that direction.

  3. This is something that would definitely make me want to walk up and read in more detail. I get this flowing feel of waves on the ocean, and a soothing sort of sensation. Because you have the perfect color tone, you need to really watch out for the text layout. The curve works, but you may want to fix the spacing of the author’s names and the date information.

  4. Good concept. The choice of the landscape orientation of poster compliments very well to the choice of the image. The word “Architecture” catches the eye. Making the location information more white would bring balance to the black font of the word of Architecture. Othewise – flawless.

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