Vicky Arias Exercise 3.2

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  1. Your poster really calls my attention because the way you designed it reassembles Vitruvious’ style. It is well balanced and the font matches the images. The only thing I would comment on is the title!!! The begging: Chapter I, is too small compared with the rest of the title.

  2. Very good use of pictures. They are just enough and in just the right place to keep me interested in the piece. The monochromatic theme makes this remind me of an official newspaper article (which, i guess, is a really good thing!)

  3. Nice poster, I like that way you organize the paragraphs in columns and the you place one image in each column. I like that you only use black color in your text, some of the text is bold and the rest in normal, the pictures are black and white, so all this make looks really cool.

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