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  1. I really like the smoke. The smoke and the background contrast really well with the red lettering. Also the font matches the ambiance created.

  2. This album cover is really well done. It looks like something she would put out herself since the ambiance matches the song and her personality. The font and the smoke were good design choices because they go with the artist and the song.

  3. The album is overall a really good image! I like how you did with the smoke, it looks natural and very interesting. Amazing job overall!

  4. I really like how you added the smoke effect on the album cover, it gives a mysterious sense to the singer. I also like the font that u chose as well.

  5. It’s a good album cover. The smoke in the background and the font that you used brings out her personality. It also gives out a 60’s type of look.

  6. This cover album grab my attention because of the components used on it, the contrast of colors and the hierarchy of elements make this cd cover look like a really well done product.

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