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The Giant Buddha Temple opened in December 2015, place in the northern Saparo (Japan) ,  which was a stunning and unique temple designed by Tadao Ando. The combination of indoor and outdoor space is very common in Japanese culture but he decided to renew it into a new level of modern architecture.It covered almost the entire 13.5-metre tall sculpture, leaving only the top part of the head, surrounded by 150,000 lavender flowers making the landscape of the temple transformed.

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My name is Vuong Nhat Khanh, I was born in Vietnam – November 25th, 2001.

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  1. I must agree with you that this is a unique architecture because of the unusual way placement of the sculpture. I think he designed this while considering how the Buddha is pictured with light from the back of his head. The lavender flowers are also beautifully arranged. It reminds me of the stupas in Borobudur temple.

  2. The lavender plants circiling the statue is cleverly placed it’s as if the designer intended some visual narrative to this design. For instance the lavender plants represent people praying to the Buddha statue. Secondly the repetitive use of spheres and ellipses are eye catching and probably symbolizes some meaning attached to buddhism like eternal or infinte.

  3. The lavender is such an interesting addition, it creates a sense of mystery to the sculpture since we can only see its head. I would think that hiding the body would make the sculpture more imposing and mysterious, but since lavender is such a “gentle” plant and the gradation of the field is so light, it feels almost welcoming.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful. However, I do feel that the landscape over powers the beauty of the Buddha. Perhaps the landscape architect could have left a little more of the Buddha’s body exposed. Nonetheless, I love the size of the sculpture.

  5. this one of the uniques and biggest designed i saw so far the web site. its so beautiful and have clean architectural structure landscape and sculpture. i feel like it will be even more beautiful at night with lights and shadows.

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