Can you find the fractal-generated images?

Photo by Bernt Wahl.

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Bernt Rainer Wahl is a mathematician, mentor, entrepreneur, and author. He served as CEO of Factle Corporation, Datahunt, and Dynamic Software, and is a former member of the UC Berkeley faculty.

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  1. Great job on the cabin composition. Cool cabin design I like the tiled stone texture of the cabin and the wall of tall windows which make for a great view of Yosemite from inside. I also like the placement of the cabin composited to the background image it gives the illusion that a structure was actually built on that elevation.

  2. Great work! I really like all the windows you added in order to bring some of the nature from the outside indoors. I also like all the textures and materials you included.

  3. The windows are a good part of the design because it would allow a full view of the landscape. The stone facade on the siding of the house is a nice touch also because it feels like it is inspired by the granite mountains in the background.

  4. The windows on the cabin look great! I like the color choices, its simple and works really well. I also like how the house rests on a hill, it makes for an great composition.

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