Water Flows, Kari Siren

The current of the ocean is always ever changing, in the photograph taken by Kari Siren the viewer can see the change in currents. How they over lap one another and how they collide into one another. This specific image appears to naturally follow the diagonal technique rather the photographer did it on purpose or not. What can also be seen is the Rule of Thirds, where the larger mass of the wave in the foreground is one-third to the bottom and the center of that mass is one-third to the left. There is great composition to these interlaced waves, the shutter speed is fast enough to capture the rippling waves and endless droplets. The white waters takes the viewers eyes to analyze more, to see how the water darkens as it gets further back. This leaves the viewer wondering what could be out there. Siren does not give the viewer a known landmark to set the body of water, he focuses on the water itself and the mystery that is the ocean.


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  1. Your analysis is very insightful. I appreciate how you touched on the ambiguity between the skill of the photographer and the raw beauty of the subject on its own.

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