What It Takes to Go Net-Zero [Exercise 101 – Quent Lapasa

This is a decent primer for the Net-Zero topic. While it isn't a good technical explanation of NZE, such as specifics of "on-site" or energy generation. It does include a variety of conversations that are being had in the field and studios between architects and clients. Touching on a few case studies and useful specs to help young architects develop a frame of reference.

Being familiar with Net-Zero (NZE) design is important for young architects. This article is insightful because it includes conversations Architects have around the topic of Net-Zero. Talking about the ideal outcome of the building's energy consumption being met by "on-site" renewable energy. If this becomes the building goal, you're now thinking if your design will help reduce the building's consumption or increasing space for "on-site" energy generation. One example was to increase natural lighting, reducing the lighting category of the energy budget.

Source Article: What It Takes to Go Net-Zero

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