William Talamantes, Exercise 105

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  1. I really liked how the images were enhanced and how the redness on the sunset picture wasn’t lost because of saturation.

  2. The grunge effect used on the image of the woods is perfect. Adding that texture not only makes the image look fairly dated but it also seems like a screenshot used in a horror movie.

  3. I could not see a lot of differences on the sunset pictures and I like the effect that you use on your last one

  4. Personally my favorite picture from your gallery is the very last one, it came alive due to the change of contrast on the tones. It went from a cold to a warm environment.

  5. The last photo of the forest pathway was definitely the most evocative. It was interesting to see the change in mood from a cool/blue toned picture to a sepia/aged look. The unaltered picture looks misty, almost like a fantasy, while the sepia one is slightly more eerie, aged, and ‘real’.

  6. I like the grunge effect on your last picture, the one in the woods. The original looked calm and peaceful and the after picture made the scenery looked creepy and mysterious.

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