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  1. This one is one of my favorite designs because I like all of the windows and the shape of the building, very well done!

  2. really well done! you were able to show the curves of the building in your elevations really well

  3. Great layout because of the use of color on the windows, makes me want to get in closer to examine the finer details

  4. Austin Braunberger

    Great design! with that great design, you did very well in illustrator with the colors you chose i really intrigued by how detailed it looks great!

  5. Thomas Baumgartner

    This has a very modern/futuristic style. I would love to stay here and throw a giant party.

  6. Well done!! I bet your views would be just fantastic from any room in the house, one thing I can’t tell if the living room is a bit big or the furniture is not to scale. Love how you went with the oval shape. Great job!

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